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Introducing The New Renault Master Z E

Introducing The New Renault Master Z E

Reviewing the Renault Master Z.E.

Looking for a large electric van designed with mutli-drop deliveries in mind? Then the Renault Master Z.E. van could be right up your street. Expect to pay around €70,000 plus for the privilege of owning the Renault Master Z.E. - let’s see what you get or your money:


  • First of its kind, beating electric models from rival firms such as Volkswagen and Mercedes.
  • Zero-emissions, perfect for restricted emission zones that are cropping up in various areas.
  • Big cargo volume, 8-19 cubic metres of space.
  • Great for last-mile (hub to address) delivery.
  • R75 electric motor (used in other electric models).
  • Eco button on the dash mitigates range by reducing throttle response.
  • Quiet engine
  • Standard automatic gearbox for easy driving.


Charging Your Renault Master Z.E

Electric vehicles need to be charged, so if you’re going to invest there are a few things you should know:

  • The Renault Master Z.E. has a 33kwWh battery.
  • Charge via standard Type 2 cable, and if you use a 7kW wallbox you can charge from flat to full in around 6 hours.
  • Charging from mains from flat to full takes around 17 hours.
  • Renault suggest a high-voltage wallbox near the van’s overnight parking spot.


Design & Performance

Available in the same array of styles as the diesel Master van, the Master Z.E. comes in a range of options. There are 4 panel vans available (1 with a medium roof height and 3 with lower roof heights), plus there are 2 lengths of platform cab to choose from. Renault have yet to design and manufacture a model that carries passengers.


The Renault finds its place in traffic, but it can’t exactly be described as nippy. That said, Renault have factored in lots of torque, and this helps you out when you are negotiating roads with a heavy payload. Don’t forget - the heavier the load to more cumbersome the manoeuvrability.


Why We Like the Renault Master Z.E.

The Renault Master Z.E. van has a lot going for it. It’s easy to drive and allows last-mile delivery firms to make the most of the on-board cargo space available. Add to this its green credentials and you start to see why the Renault Master Z.E appears to be a great buy.


Things to Keep in Mind

The Renault Master Z.E. van isn’t the cheapest on the market, but you do get some great features, however there are also one or two things you might want to consider.  Although ideal for short trips, the Renault Master is big and rather heavy – so distance wise you will get around 75 miles out of it per day (hopefully enough for a day’s worth of deliveries). Renault do state that in theory, the fully charged van will give you around 124 miles, but we reckon 75 miles is a more realistic figure.


There are a few things you that will impact on the mileage you get from a fully charged electric van, such as the maximum payload, and the way you drive it!

Mileage will also be reduced if the weather is on the chilly side – unfortunately cold weather reduces battery life, (so you might only get 50 miles if the weather is against you). We should also mention the Eco Button. Whilst we do feel it is useful, it’s worth noting that it will limit your top speed to around 50mph.


To Buy or Not to Buy?

This electric van was made for the city streets, and short journeys. The huge cargo space allows plenty of room to store and carry your goods and wares, and there are different conversion options to choose from. If you’re a last-minute delivery company dropping off multiple items in a populated (and rather busy) area, then the Renault Master Z.E. is a great option.



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