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The Renault Kangoo Z.E is a fully electric van with great potential. Easy to use, convenient and capable of traveling up to 200 km with a single charge, the Kangoo truck shows that there is no need to lower work expectations when selecting a working horse with zero exhaust.

Officially, the 2017 Kangoo Z.E has a fully electric range of 170 km, but in order to address range anxiety, Renault has made the unusual decision to publish real economic statistics on a fully electric Kangoo panel van. This means the driver can expect the Kangoo to go 75 miles in winter and 124 km in summer with a single charge, compared to 50 and 78 km from the previous version.

Charging the battery is easy, the plug is above the grille at the front of the van. When connected to a wall box, full charging takes six hours, and you can add 22 kilometers in just an hour, which is useful for filling the trail when you park at lunch.

The Kangoo Z.E is available in two loading lengths, standard or Maxi, and can also be referred to as a two-seater or five-seat crew cab. In its widest form, the Kangoo truck will provide 4.6 cubic feet of space, with a loading length of 2.1 meters. This can be extended to 2.8 meters if you specify an optional folding front passenger seat, which allows Kangoo to carry pipe and timber. You can also add a roof hatch to carry ladders. However, due to the extra battery weight, the load on the Kangoo Z.E, both in the standard version and in the Maxi version, is limited to 640 kg.

Like the Kangoo powered diesel, the Z.E is ideal for driving with a progressive and adjustable steering wheel for easy parking or three-point turning. The level of Feedback is good through steering and pedals too, which means you can easily judge the grip of the front wheels when climbing in a row or turn or when leaving the highway in a sharp bend.

The 33 kWh Kangoo battery is coupled with a 44 kW electric motor producing 60PS, perfect for city use, with zero exhaust emissions and quiet operation. However, the Kangoo ZE is not particularly comfortable on high-speed roads and requires resolution before joining busy dual carriageway, with the sprint driving at 0-62 mph, taking an HGV-rivalling 22.6 seconds.

Regardless of the performance on the road, the Kangoo Z.E remains one of the best fully electric van you can buy. Operators may decide to buy the van directly or part-purchase the vehicle and lease the battery. Both offer affordable options for professional drivers; especially considering the low operating costs of only 2 p / km and the exemption from the VED, congestion charges and very low emission zone charges.

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